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The Firm: Poch & Abogados Asociados

At Poch & Abogados Asociados you will find a team of people who will provide you with comprehensive and specialized legal advice in the business field with a direct approach, because we believe that our service should be governed by a client-lawyer relationship based on trust.

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Experience, professionalism and direct relationship with the client.

Our organization, as specialists in company law, allows us to provide properly equipped professionals for each speciality within the company sector, which often means the implication of most of our team, with the co-ordination necessary to resolve any problem from a global perspective and also from an individual point of view in an atmosphere of absolute confidence.

Firm’s speciality: comprehensive legal advice

Poch & Abogados Asociados began its activities in 1979 under the direction of its founding partner, Josep Poch Villamayor and throughout its more than 30 years of operations, it has specialised in the complete legal assessment of the small and medium sized company as well as that of the individual business professional.

Under the current form of a Professional Society, the firm has a team made up of 4 lawyers, 3 economists and several collaborators distributed in different geographical areas. Our headquarters are located in Igualada, but we also have offices in Piera and Barcelona in order to be closer to many of our clients.

The Company also has a network of collaborating Firms in other countries which allows us to co-ordinate the entire legal assessment process that an international company requires.

Our team

Ethics and professional commitment

Our work is based on the strictest professional ethics, which we feel is the only way to offer an efficient and reliable service.

We are committed to solving our clients’ problems and attending to all matters brought to us with total dedication and the conviction that the rapid response and the direct relationship between lawyer and client are indispensable tools for the achievement of good results.

All matters and projects are lead personally by a partner who assumes responsibility for the client and co-ordinates the indispensable assessment required by the lawyers in the different areas.


Balmes Avenue,13, 1º
08700 Igualada (Barcelona)
T. +34 93 804 20 61
F. +34 93 805 12 41


Piereta, 14 mezzanine floor
08784 Piera (Barcelona)
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F. +34 93 778 85 58


Aribau, 80 7º 1ª
08036 Barcelona
T. +34 93 419 45 11
F. +34 93 322 45 12